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Project History

Early development of the Greenlink project began in 2017 and culminated with final onshore and marine planning consents in 2021.  During this period, we undertook a wide and comprehensive range of technical and environmental studies, which contributed to our final design and planning applications.  Details of onshore and offshore surveys and all planning application documents can be found in the Planning section below.


In parallel, we undertook detailed and comprehensive programme of consultation and engagement with local, regional and national stakeholders, working to an agreed programme of public participation. Details of our commitments and how we met them can be found in the Consultation section below, including links to public consultation materials.


We also give details of how Greenlink was awarded the status of an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI) and received EU funding during its development.

& Planning

Full details of all planning applications and supporting documents, including environmental assessments, can be found on our Planning page here


Greenlink is committed to engaging fully with local residents, councillors, businesses and members of the local community, to discuss any potential impacts, and to obtain feedback on key issues.

project of
common interest

Greenlink was awarded the status of a European Union Project of Common Interest (PCI), making it one of Europe’s most important energy infrastructure projects. 

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