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Project Benefits



 Potential to power
380,000 homes** 



Enhances the
security of supply for
electricity consumers 



€500m/£420m of private 
capital investment 
for Ireland and Wales* 



Downward pressure 
on electricity bills



Supports the growth 
and integration of 
low carbon energy



Jobs and knock-on 
economic benefits during
construction & operation

  1. *Approximate figure, based on value and conversion rate as at October 2021.

  2. **Figure for number of homes is based on typical annual Irish household use of 4,200 kWh (CER, Review of Typical Consumption Figures – Decision Paper 12 March 2017 (CER17042) and estimated total flows from UK to SEM of 1,600,000 MWh/yr.

Project Benefits

Regional investment and jobs 

Greenlink represents around €500m/£420m of private capital investment in Ireland and Wales and will create jobs during construction and operation as well as knock-on economic benefits.


An integrated European grid 


Interconnection has a vital role to play in connecting energy generation between countries to provide reliable and affordable power for all. Greenlink will have strategic importance, by doubling the interconnection capacity between Ireland and GB and contribute to each country’s interconnection targets.


Security of supply 


The construction of Greenlink will deliver increased security of supply for electricity consumers, by diversifying energy sources and providing additional import and export capacity in both countries. 


Integration of renewable energy


Greenlink improves the integration of renewable technologies in Ireland and GB supporting the growth of the green energy sector, which offers significant economic and environmental benefits to both countries. 


Better energy price competition


Greenlink will deliver greater market integration and competition in the provision of electricity, ultimately providing significant benefits to consumers in Ireland, GB and continental Europe. 

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