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The Project


The Greenlink project will require planning permission in Ireland and Wales. A electricity grid connection agreement for 500MW is already in place between Greenlink and the UK’s National Grid for a connection at Pembroke Substation in Wales.

In Wales, Greenlink will consist of a converter station sited close to the existing Pembroke substation and underground cabling that will predominantly be routed across agricultural land.

Various detailed technical and environmental surveys are being carried out during the development process to ensure that the final design fully incorporates the challenges and opportunities of the local environment.

Technical and environmental studies have included:

  • bird studies;

  • ecological assessments;

  • construction and access studies;

  • landscape and visual impact assessments;

  • noise assessments;

  • traffic and transport assessments;

  • cultural heritage assessments;

  • geological assessments;

  • and site hydrology assessments.

The developers of the Greenlink project strongly believe that a proactive and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, throughout the development programme, will result in a high quality and comprehensive application being submitted and delivered.


Construction of Greenlink is expected to lead to significant expenditure in Wales.  We are committed to maximising the use of locally-based contractors and personnel during the construction and operational phases of the project and are keen to hear of local businesses that could benefit. Let us know if you would like to be added to our list of local suppliers.

You can keep up to date on our planning applications by visiting the Planning page, where documents will be available for viewing and downloading.  Full details of the proposals for the onshore converter station and the onshore and offshore cable routes, along with the technical and environmental assessments, can be found in the public consultation Information Brochure.

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