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Planning & Consultation

Onshore Planning Application - Ireland

In Ireland, Greenlink will connect into the Great Island 220kV substation in County Wexford. The substation at Great Island was identified as the connection point for Greenlink following the completion of assessments and consultation with EirGrid. 

AC cables will connect the HVDC converter station to the substation. A site adjacent to the substation has been identified as the most suitable location to construct the HVDC converter station. 


The proposed converter station site is shown in Plan 4 long with potential onshore underground cable routes linking the landfall at Baginbun Beach. 

The preferred converter station site and cable route options were identified following environmental and technical assessments and consultation with key stakeholders. 

The length of the underground onshore cable route could be circa 22km. 

To minimise environmental impact, it is proposed that the cables between the landfall and the sea will be installed using a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) underneath the cliff edge and sand at Baginbun Beach.  HDD is a trenchless method of installing underground cables, as detailed here.  

We are currently preparing the onshore planning application and full details, including downloadable documents, will be available here in due course

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