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Greenlink agrees new connection agreement to Pembroke substation

1 December 2015 - Element Power can confirm that it has formally accepted a new 500MW connection agreement to Pembroke substation following the completion of a review process with National Grid.

Previously the Greenlink and Greenwire projects, both promoted by Element Power, shared a single 2000MW connection. The acceptance of the new connection offer signals the formal separation of the Greenlink and Greenwire connection agreements and enables both projects to proceed on a fully independent basis.

Greenlink will provide significant additional interconnection between Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. It will also provide additional transmission network capacities, reinforcing the existing electricity grids in south-east Ireland and south Wales. The development and construction of Greenlink will deliver increased security of supply, fuel diversity and greater competition in Ireland, Wales, Great Britain as a whole and continental Europe.

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