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Support for Ireland-GB interconnection in Ireland’s new Climate Action Plan

18th June 2019. Greenlink Interconnector Limited welcomed the publication on 17th June of the Irish Government’s ambitious Climate Action Plan. Launched by Richard Bruton TD, Minister of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, the Plan sets out a commitment to building a sustainable and resilient economy that is good for people, jobs and the environment.

Particularly welcome is the call for greater electricity interconnection for Ireland and a commitment to strengthening the policy framework to incentivise it:

“Enhanced interconnection is planned, including the Celtic Interconnector to France and further interconnection to the UK. We will strengthen the policy framework to incentivise electricity storage and interconnection. Increased levels of storage and interconnection will be critical to absorbing high levels of renewable generation on to the system, as renewables require back-up which will have to be provided by quick response plant, storage or interconnection.” Climate Action Plan 2019

Greenlink Interconnector Limited agrees that interconnection will be central to achieving the Plan’s ambitious renewable energy target of 70% electricity from offshore wind, onshore wind, solar and other technologies by 2030. The Plan includes indicative targets of “at least 3.5GW of offshore renewable energy, up to 1.5GW of grid-scale solar energy and up to 8.2GW total of increased onshore wind capacity”.

We welcome the acknowledgement in the Plan of the important role Greenlink will play, in connecting the power markets of Ireland and Great Britain for energy security,

The Climate Action Plan 2019 can be found here:

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