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Planning & Consultation

Onshore Planning Application - Wales

In Wales, Greenlink will connect to the Pembroke 400kV substation in Pembrokeshire. The Pembroke substation was identified as the connection point for Greenlink following the completion of assessments and consultation with National Grid. AC cables will connect the HVDC converter station to the substation. Three sites, in close proximity to the substation, were assessed as potential locations to locate the HVDC converter station. 

A preferred cable route and converter station site have been selected following consultation with stakeholders and analysis of the results of environmental and technical work. 

The preferred cable route and converter station site are shown in Plan 1 along with alternatives that were considered.

To minimise environmental impact, it is proposed that the cables between the landfall and the sea will be installed using a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) underneath the dunes and beach at Freshwater West. HDD is a trenchless method of installing underground cables, as detailed here.  


The final subsea route was selected following the conclusion of subsea surveys and consultation with stakeholders. 


Two initial routes were subject to subsea surveys. Following the results of surveys confirming the presence of reef habitats a third route was identified and assessed in partnership with Natural Resources Wales. The third route assessed has been confirmed as the preferred subsea cable route.  The final subsea route and the two other routes assessed are shown in Plan 2


The landfall at Freshwater West was selected following a review of potential landfall sites in the region. The landfalls assessed are shown in Plan 3.

We are currently preparing the onshore planning application and full details, including downloadable documents, will be available here in due course