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Planning & Consultation

Onshore Planning Applications - Wales

Greenlink Interconnector Limited is intending to apply for planning permission to Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) for the following:


  • PCC Outline Planning Application: Proposed development of a Converter Station and upgraded permanent access road from Wallaston Cross to the Converter Station in addition to associated landscaping, drainage and other supporting infrastructure associated with the development at land to the south of Pembroke Power Station.

  • PCC Full Planning Application: Proposed development of underground HVDC and HVAC cables and associated works extending from the boundary with PCNPA at Neath Farm to land immediately south of the National Grid substation at Pembroke Power Station.

  • PCNPA Full Planning Application: Proposed development of underground HVDC cables and associated works extending from the landfall site at Freshwater West to the boundary with PCC at Neath Farm.


Formal pre-application consultation on the draft Greenlink planning applications commenced on the 18 December 2019 and will end on the 22 January 2020.


Copies of the draft planning application documents including the proposed application, the plans and combined supporting documents are available to view online here and during this period you are provided with the opportunity to comment directly to Greenlink on the draft application prior to its submission to the local planning authorities (LPAs).


Anyone who wishes to make representations about the proposed development must write to the applicant/agent via email greenlink@arup.com or by post to Greenlink, Arup, 4th Floor, 4 Pierhead Street, Cardiff CF10 4QP by the 22 January 2020.


The subsequent planning applications will be publicised by the relevant LPAs PCC and PCNPA and any comments provided in response to the draft applications will not prejudice your ability to make representations to the LPAs on the related planning applications. You should note that any comments submitted may be placed on the public file.


Pre-application consultation closes on the 22 January 2020.

Documents pertaining to this section can be found here